Sunday, 13 April 2008

Splish splash

We have a swimming fun event for Brownies this afternoon...and we are also selecting the girls who will represent us at the Brownie swimming gala.

We are NOT competitive about the gala, we have 6 individual races and a 3 person relay, so if I was, I would pick the 6 best girls and 3 of them for the relay too. Instead, to maximise the chance of swimming, I will pick 9 so as many as possible get a go and hang it if we don't win - which we never do anyway!

But what makes me sad is I have 10 girls who want to be in the gala, so only 1 will not get the chance this year. In a way it would be easier to pick the best 6 and have 3 of them in the relay so that 4 miss out rather than 1.



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