Wednesday, 16 April 2008

We got Olympic badges

We got a set of Silver ones, which means we need to do six activities.

In light of the qualms I was having earlier this month relat
ing to these badges, I will definitely make sure we talk about what life is like in modern-day China - I suspect the fact that will hit home most strongly to the girls is that you aren't allowed to be a Brownie in China!

I need to read up on the syllabus to work out what we can do - and whether to fit it in before the Olympics in this term (which we had already planned to fill with other things) or do it in the autumn term, which is easier to fit in but after the Olympics.

Update: Jen asked what we would do. We have held our own Olympics twice before, so I was going to try and stay away from that.
I was thinking:
  1. Ask Daughter's TKD teacher if he would run a session (the suggestion was an Olympic sport, and I know it is in the Olympics this year, because she already noticed that!)
  2. Some Chinese food
  3. Cycling a chalk course shaped like the Olympic rings
  4. Talking about the Olympic symbols and meanings
  5. Researching and playing a typical Chinese childrens game
  6. Creating an Olympic stamp
  7. Creating a future sport for the Olympics and playing it
  8. Talking about life in China and what it is like for children there

If the TKD teacher agrees, that covers 7 requirements when you need 6 for the badge, plus the talking about life in China.


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