Thursday, 29 May 2008

Camper Advanced

Daughter is working hard in the run up to camp to earn her Camper Advanced badge:

1. Do each of the following:

** You should have spent at least four nights or more away at Brownie camp.
Will achieve if she stays the whole camp in July.

** Make a poster showing your favourite things about Brownie camp.
Done: eggy bread, archery, putting up tents and collecting water all feature!

2. Help organise an activity with your Brownie friends at camp.
Needs to do this at camp

3. Tell a Brownie who has never been to camp what camp life is like. Help her learn the following camp skills.

** How to keep bedding and clothes dry. Done, with the Brownie over the road

** Keep the camp area safe and tidy. Done, with the Brownie over the road

** Prepare, cook and serve meals. Done, with the Brownie over the road
** Wash up and clear away after a meal.
Done, with the Brownie over the road

4. Help another Brownie make something to remind her of the camp, or to keep a camp diary.
Needs to do this at camp

5. Help plan the camp, including:

** Choosing the theme or reason for going.
As theme already set, she has named the seven tents within the theme. 

** Suggesting activities, games and places to visit.
Has suggested some games and activities and though we are not going offsite, has pinpointed things we could have visited in the area.

** Planning meals and menus.
Took part in choosing options and made a pretend menu.

6. Do each of the following:

** Know how to keep safe when you are out and about on Brownie camp.

** Know how to keep the camp area safe.

** Know the Country Code, the Green Cross Code and the Water Safety Code.
This was fun! She knew the water safety code as we just did the water safety badge at Brownies and was easily able to do a quiz based on it. She knew the Green Cross Code and recited it. Country code she memorised and was able to recite it the next day so I was happy with that.

So a bit more to do but she's got a good chance of passing it. She was really thrilled, I had thought it would be impossible as the theme was already set, it being a county camp. But I consulted with some other Guiders and they all came back and said this was such a hard requirement, if it wasn't possible they let girls do theoretical responses and as long as they were feasible, they would accept it.


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