Sunday, 18 May 2008


The division swimming gala was last night - four Rainbow teams, somewhere between 12 and 14 Brownie teams and seven or eight Guide teams.

The reason I don't know exactly how many is that I left my programme with a Guide Guider to use after we left!

Anyway, here's how we did:
  • Newbie swimmer - our girl came second in her heat. This was a really small category so only the winners were in the final.
  • Under 8 breaststroke - our girl pulled out ill a couple of hours before so our very nervous reserve had to swim. She came second in the heat and sixth in the final.
  • Under 9 backstroke - our girl rocked this. First in her heat, second in the final.
  • Under 10 freestyle - I felt sorry for this Brownie, she is super-fast but just drew super-fast competitors too, she was fourth in the heat.
  • Any age freestyle - this was my daughter. She was second in her heat, third in the final.
  • Relay - three girls swam a length each, first one breaststroke, second backstroke, third freestyle. The girls were fabulous - second in their heat, second in the final, both times to a team of really fast swimmers who were in the team that went on to win the cup.

So, we ended up fourth overall, the highest we have ever placed.

I was so proud of them all.

We left after the Brownie section of the gala, but when we left, our Guides were doing really well, so I suspect there may be some silverware there this year.


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