Saturday, 3 May 2008


Well, since I am still online most days and have been visiting Bloglines and commenting on blogs, it seemed pointless not to be here too!

Here's a recap on my week for you, kind of like those bits at the beginning of TV programmes:
  • Got the survival bags, they are flipping enormous! I'm nearly 5' 10" but they are taller than me...I suspect we may need to cut them down a little with shears. I'd assumed they'd got a youth to pose in that pic, but I reckon it's a full grown man! So as we don't want them for survival but to keep our stuff dry (I'd like to see a Brownie drag 6ft of bag behind her) I think the shears are needed. Still fab value though, and I'll come up with something to do with the left over hoops, maybe a dressing up night?

  • The bag for my stuff is great, just what I needed.

  • Other spending this week: some bungee cord to secure stuff, waterproof trousers for daughter (I decided against them for me because I looked a right lemon when I tried them on, I may come to regret that) and a pair of navy trousers for me to supplement my clothes for camp as jeans aren't recommended - they take too long to dry.

  • Guide Camp is this Friday coming. I'm nervous, but more because I feel I have a lot to learn to be able to take my Brownies away in July than for any other reason. The Guide Guider has shown me the menu and it looks good, filling.
Some exciting Brownie news, our Nemo trip will be free! We got back so much Gift Aid, and it really should be spent by the end of the year, that we can subsidise the trip completely, which I was thrilled about. It's gone down VERY well with the parents, more so I suspect than if we'd offered it free in the first place since they know it would have cost them £20 otherwise!

I hope to have some more exciting Brownie news by midweek as well, but I need to be sure we can get tickets first, don't want to jinx it.


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