Saturday, 28 June 2008

Good luck!

My district commissioner just popped round - she's like my Guiding boss though she is a volunteer too, and she is a Brownie leader too.

She's taking her Brownies away tonight to do her overnight licence, until now she has tagged on with other units, including ours to use other people's licences. She came with us on our sleepover this spring and decided she would take her licence too.

She's using the same venue we went to in spring. I'm not helping, because we have Brownie camp next weekend and there's a limit to how many nights I can abandon my kids (see, I can say no!) but she has enough adults anyway.

She's in such a tizzy this morning - I remember it well even though it's more than two years since I took my own licence. The Guide depot has let her down and she didn't get the sleepover badges she wanted, so she popped over to me to borrow a couple for two Brownies who are leaving after the sleepover so can't wait for their badges.

Wishing her luck - I know she'll be fine though.


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