Friday, 27 June 2008

It rained. We didn't care. Much.

We had 13 Brownies last night, nine were on the school trip to the seaside, one was on holiday and one had to visit her brother.
With 2 Guides and 2 Guider kids (my son and newbie Guider's daughter, who are great pals) we had a good number and they had a great time.
They finished off their Wildlife Explorer badges (minus the animal, insect and birdspotting which they've to do in their own time) by using crayons and paper to do bark rubbings and labelling them with the different trees. They worked those out by examining the leaves - I was quite proud of them (even though I had given them a sheet with common leaves)!
They also had a logbook which they partly filled in while we got ready for the promise ceremony.
We set up with yellow crepe paper ribbons for the girls to walk under, they made their promise (both word perfect) and when they finished, they ran back through bursting the ribbons.
We had cheese and jam sandwiches, chocolate rolls and squash, then they played parachute games (mostly under the parachute as it was getting flipping wet by then!) and finally they collected wood for a fire - which we didn't light as it wasn't actually allowed but it was good practice for a fortnight from now when we will be meeting at a campsite and will have a campfire circle.


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