Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Less than normal

I am quite looking forward to this Thursday's Brownie meeting, not that I don't always look forward to it!

We have a promise ceremony for two of our new girls, we're going to be outdoors and we will only have 16 girls instead of the usual 24.

I work hard to keep the unit as close to 24 as I can. It's the maximum we will take (since there is a ratio of 1 adult: 8 girls required whenever we go outside the meeting place, it means we only have to be sure 3 out of 4 of us adults will be there each week) and it makes our high rent more affordable because we have more subs left over to spend on resources.

But my ideal size of unit is actually 18-20. That size gives us more time to get to know the girls individually and help them more.

It's hard to say no to girls joining. And 24 is an absolute for us, the hall can't really take any more and there's the 1:8 thing. Having an absolute makes it easier to say no. If we tried to keep the numbers around 18-20, I would know I had said no to girls that could have been members.

Anyway, this week, the school where most of our girls go has a big trip arranged for the Year 3s. They make up 1/3 of our pack - they are the only year in the school that has two classes so there were more girls than usual wanting places at Brownies when they all turned 7. They won't be back from their trip till after our meeting starts and as we are meeting at a local abbey rather than the school anyway, they will all miss this week.

I didn't cancel our trip when I heard the date, the rest of the pack is in Year 5, 4 and 2 at the school and Years 3 and 4 at other nearby schools, so there was no reason why they should miss out because of the school trip.

I am particularly conscious of keeping things fair for the girls at other schools, we already time our terms around this school since it is a/ where most of the leaders' kids go and b/ as our meeting place, we can't get the hall at the end of term because of school shows and occasionally we will find our school is open and another one shut and vice versa.

So we are meeting, 2/3 our normal size, for lots of outdoor fun, food and a promise ceremony. Wish us luck with the weather please.


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