Saturday, 7 June 2008

Wildlife Explorer

Here's our theme for the next three weeks: Wildlife Explorer.
Next week:
We will learn about common butterflies, birds and mammals in our area and the girls will each be expected to identify three of each. We'll also go to the nearby pond to look for insects, fish, amphibians and plants, and signs of pollution.
Week after:
Painting! The girls have tiny little bird boxes that need to be decorated, so we need the works: painting overalls, covers for the table etc. And lots of cleaning stuff for after! We've seen this lot paint before!
Week after:
Trip out to an abbey with beautiful grounds. Draw pictures or take photographs of at least four different types of tree. Make leaf and bark rubbings. Label them with the names of the trees.
They will also have to do one clause in their own time if they want to pass: Spend at least 15 minutes each day for a week watching the birds, animals and insects near where you live. Go with an adult you know to a local park, or watch what is happening in your garden or school grounds. Record what you see in a nature notebook.
I'm looking forward to being out and about with them, it's great to go beyond the confines of the hall where we meet.


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