Friday, 25 July 2008

Sisterhood in Guiding

Remember I told you I was taking 2 other leaders, 11 Brownies and 1 Guide to the Science Museum in London for a Brownie and Guide sleepover?

Now forget that for a moment.

My darling husband surprised me this weekend just gone with tickets for Leonard Cohen's fantastically-reviewed tour, which we couldn't get tickets for but then he added a single extra date at a venue very near us.

Oh, you've worked it out haven't you? Same night.

Husband and I haven't been to a concert for years (I'm thinking Diana Krall was the last one and that was well before our son was born) and both he and I really wanted to go.

So I drew up my options:
  1. Ask my DC (district commissioner) if she would take over since she also has an overnight licence.
  2. Ask the Guide Guider if she would take over as she has a camp licence which includes indoor overnight - but she did just help out Brownies by doing camp with us so she's already been really helpful to us this year.
  3. Go on the sleepover and send husband to the concert with a friend instead - harsh since he wanted me to go too.
  4. Cancel. If we cancel now we get all but 10% back of what we paid to go, and with Gift Aid, we could afford to wholly refund the parents. It's not like I don't do a lot for the girls already and this would be the first event cancelled in four years as a leader so not like I do it lightly.

Well, my DC has come up trumps and agreed to do it for me. I still have to do the paperwork and parent meeting so effectively all she has to do is turn up and be in charge on the day/night.

True Sisterhood in Guiding - I am so grateful that we can resolve this to let me do a family thing but still let the girls get their special event. I am aware that I will now owe one massive favour in return!


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