Friday, 11 July 2008


We had a fantastic Brownie meeting at our local campsite last night, held jointly with the Guides.

It was a two hour meeting and the time just whizzed by.

First the girls collected wood for the campfire, then we held a promise ceremony for one of our new Brownies, to let her mum get her baby sister home.

Then we worked on Aim Hi, one of the newest cross-section resources while the Guides built up the fire.

Among the activities:
  • the leaders covered their hands in glitter and shook hands with the Brownies, then once all of them had glittery hands, we pointed out the glitter was just like the germs you get on your hands when you sneeze then spread them around - we had lots of promises that they will wash their hands if they sneeze in them.

  • we laid down 19 card lily pads with only one safe route across. The girls took it in turns to try a pad and if it wasn't a safe one they "fell in the water" and the next girl got a turn. It was great to see the girls who made it across helping the others in their team.

  • they ran races with their arms connected at the elbows back to back.

On the night we did the bare minimum to get the badge, however there are still loads of great activities in the resources so we will be using it throughout next term as well.

Then we had juice and sandwiches (they are always hungry when we are outdoors!) and they all got American flag tattoos left over from camp (I took them but forgot about them).

Then it was time for s'mores. Now we have made these before, as best we can since you can't get Graham crackers or Hershey bars in the UK. Our previous version was made with chocolate digestives, which does taste good, but it was cool to make them with the genuine ingredients.

We all loved the crackers, the marshmallows were exactly the same as UK ones, but the Hershey chocolate wasn't a great hit with most of the girls, we felt it tasted like our cooking chocolate really and prefer Cadbury and other UK brands. But as s'mores, they were yummy.

After repeated s'mores and marshmallows, we had a quick badge ceremony; everyone got Aim Hi, and a Girl Scouts Council of the Nation's Capital badge from the Americans we have been corresponding with.

The camping girls got the county camp badge, a 1st time camper badge and - if they completed all the requirements - their Brownie camper badge.

A few got environment, wildlife explorer and a couple of other badges. And we gave a Brownie Guides around the world badge to the Brownie leaving us to move to Switzerland.

And that's it for the school year for Brownies. We have a planning meeting next week to sort out the autumn term and we have 23 out of our 24 Brownies returning in September, plus one new start who is the little sister of one of our former Brownies, so it will be a busy and fun term with topics (chosen by the girls) including Designer, Olympics and fairytale, plus community action and a rights badge, as ever.


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