Sunday, 31 August 2008

So ready to go

I've got Baker Ross sling backpacks for the girls to decorate, plus a fashion designer quiz, both counting towards theDesigner badge.
One of my assistants was meant to be leading the first meeting so I could talk to parents if they needed me but she is moving house that day so I am guessing she will end up not making it despite what she thinks! So I went ahead and prepped everything for the evening as well as organising the badges I need to give out from last term that I ran out of before the last meeting.
In contrast to last year, when we had 6 new Brownies start in summer and indeed a total of 15 over the course of the year because so many of our girls turned 10 and went to Guides, we have just ONE new Brownie starting, younger sister of one of our former Brownies so she already knows what it will be like.
This year, if no-one moves away, we should only have at most three new Brownies apart from her during the whole year up to next July, so we will be quite steady this year.
We have loads planned (at the girls' request of course) for the term: Designer, Olympics, fairytale, animals, Christmas in November, community action (should be carol-singing but if it doesn't pan out we will start Changing the World earlier than planned) plus Disney on Ice, a sleepover at the Science Museum and a Badge Blitz Day with a police officer doing Crime Prevention, a clown doing Circus Performer and us doing Number Fun.
I can't wait to get going!

Friday, 15 August 2008

Coffee and a rainbow

Had coffee yesterday morning with the Newbie Guider...not so newbie any more as she has nearly finished her leadership qualification.
She's really excited that as well as being assistant at Brownies, she's also going to help to set up a Rainbow unit (5-7 years).
It'll be great to have Rainbows, Brownies and Guides at the school, meaning the girls have Guiding from age 5-14 available to them. We might even have a Senior Section setting up too, which is age 14-25, which would be great too, but Rainbows is looking more likely.
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