Monday, 15 September 2008

The 25th Brownie

For a maximum of 8 weeks, we will have 25 Brownies. We have a girl on the waiting list who is 7 at the end of this month, and we were going to offer her a place in January.
But her family is emigrating to Missouri any time in November and December so she was going to miss out.
So we've offered her a place, to give her a chance to be a Brownie for a while before she goes. We're going to charge her subs weekly in case she only stays a few weeks. And we're lending her second hand uniform to save her parents the cost of a uniform.
The last 2 weeks, we've had 23/24 Brownies (the missing girl was different each week) so I reckon we won't have 25 very often. And as long as we don't leave the hall and grounds, we will be fine with 3 adults if necessary, though most weeks we have 4.
Feeling quite positive about it, the two other leaders I could get in touch with are happy about it, so we'll make room!


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