Thursday, 18 September 2008

A brief advertisement

Any leader out there doing the Designer badge with your Brownies, you HAVE to do the "create a radio advert for Brownies" option.

There is nothing funnier than watching 7 groups of 3 Brownies (we had one off sick, one visiting a potential secondary school and one working on her promise with the Guides) create adverts for Brownies.

They included a lot of Brownies is fun, it's for everyone. But we also got that Brownies is a girl-only space, the times of our meeting (and they were only off by 15 minutes!), and lots of the activities that we do.

A definite hit and a brilliant way to wrap up the badge.

We also had a Tae Kwon Do demonstration to start the Olympics badge, 8 kids from 6 to 12 and a teacher came and showed a range of what they do then the girls tried out some stances and asked lots of questions.

It was great for me to see what my daughter does in her lessons.

Some of the kids were really brave - 3 of them go to the same school as most of the Brownies, so it was really courageous of them to demonstrate in front of their peers.


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