Friday, 26 September 2008

The day dawns

Our long-planned Brownie Badge Blitz Day is happening this weekend, and am really keen to see how it goes. We've hired a local hall and are doing two badges that are very hard to do during normal meetings.
The plan is:
  • We arrive 9am and set up

  • The girls arrive 9.30am, as does a police officer who has agreed to help us out.

  • We do the Crime Prevention badge.

  • Lunch - the girls have been asked to bring a packed lunch.

  • After lunch, Circus Performer badge. We've booked a circus workshop to come and teach the girls skills, then their parents will return at 4pm to see them performing.
  • All out by 4.30pm to let the local wrestling club in at 4.45pm - I love this last detail!

We'll also be doing the Number Fun badge, because it has 5 clauses that can easily be fitted into any downtime, and if we don't complete it, they can take it away to complete at home.
And for the two girls who already earned Number Fun off their own bat, I've quickly prepped the Craft badge since neither of them have it.

We've never done anything like this before, but I think it will work!


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