Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Devoid of inspiration

Help please!
My district has to organise our divison day next year and because it is Sept 2009, we have to make it the launch of the Girlguiding Centenary.
We are idea-ed out, we did Thinking Day this year, walking round the local reservoir and collecting pennies in bottles for Water Aid and the World Thinking Day Fund and we collected over £750 for each charity from the division so after that success the pressure is on.
We just can't think of something great to do, from Rainbows to Senior Section. We're just...stumped!
We have district meeting next week and have to put forward our ideas to go to divison the week after. Our DC said she hasn't exactly been overwhelmed with ideas before the meeting.
All I've personally managed to come up with is a Changing the World day using one or more of the charities participating. But I kind of feel that would be fine if it was in the next few months but by Sept 09 most units will have done at least one thing by then.
It doesn't have to be a fundraising event, and it doesn't even have to last all day, two to three hours is fine if we don't want to do a full day.
What can we do for anywhere between 100 and 200 girls aged between 5 and 18? Help!


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