Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Does my Brownie daughter need a sash?

I just got a comment/question asking:

"my daughters group has said she has to have a sash. is this true. she is to be enrolled next week but i think the sash would be uncomortable for her."

Here's what Girlguiding says:

A Brownie chooses her outfit from a range of section wear. The clothes are designed for having fun and are stylish, practical and economical. There is something to suit every Brownie whatever she is doing, indoors or out – so she is bound to find something she will love to wear.

A Brownie does not have to wear the same combination of garments as others in her unit. Your daughter's Leader should let you know in advance about what she should wear for certain activities or in particular weather conditions - this may not always be Brownie wear.

How Brownies display their interest badges is up to each girl. Many Brownies sew them on their gilet top. Others choose to wear them on a sash, or keep them safe in their Brownie Promise Box or a scrapbook.

[This is the link:]

So you can choose to wear them on a gilet, not necessarily a sash. Most of my girls wear theirs on their hoodies but that is unusual.

However, I would say that if every other girl has a sash, your daughter will feel left out if she doesn't have one, the girls do like to all wear the same.

Hope that helps.


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