Friday, 12 September 2008

Fantastically helpful!

When I asked for help for our division event, my lovely anonymous commenter J, who is married to a Scouter, had some really helpful stuff about a Scout event her area ran last year for the August 1 celebration of 100 years of Scouting.

She said don't post it as a comment as it is too long - but I think it is great so I am posting it as a post!

We did this last year for the scouts on 1st August. All met at local park and had flag break and made promise. A Beaver, Cub, Scout and Explorer read out what scouting meant to them. 

Then everyone was put into mixed age teams (with adults) and sent off around the town to take part in "monopoly" which involved collecting answers to questions about things they would see and collecting items (ie a beer mat, paper cup, balloon, maggots, church service sheet, daisy etc)

The local shops/pubs/church were warned and so most left the items outside so the kids/adults could collect them –(keep items to cheap or free things that local businesses will be happy to hand over.) As it was 100 years there were 100 item/questions but they had a time limit and it tried to cover well known parts of the town hence "monopoly" tag rather than scavenger hunt - each question had a colour and extra points given if you got all in that colour.

Then all groups ate lunch either in the park, their own meeting place if local or with another group at their meeting place or any other place of their choosing! After lunch everyone went off to do a pre arranged good deed such as car washing, litter picking, gardening, etc.

Each group/unit organised their own deed and those who were not in their own town were bussed back to their own so they could do it locally (but that would involve money so you could so it all where ever you happen to be and line up the deeds yourselves) and then everyone meet up afterwards for a BBQ, results of Monopoly and campfire before younger ones went home and older ones camped over night.

It was a great day and encompassed fun, 100 years celebration, good deeds, the promise and food.Maybe you could do the same but obviously with a guiding theme rather than scouting one, or maybe there will be something here you could use to spark off other ideas.

We are not a large town just a small market one and the rest of the district are really just villages so I guess it would depend on you district location. if this would be possible.

This is really helpful - we did something similar to the Monopoly thing as a divison event this time last year, organised by a different district to us, but close enough to this that we can't do that. But I love the saying what Guiding means to a member of each section, and definitely the good deed thing, I think there is something there that we could really use and that is what I will be suggesting to our DC.

Thanks so much J (I'd love to know what J stands for - I promise I won't post that!)


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