Friday, 12 September 2008

Not girl led

There's a lot of debate at the moment about the change in the Guiding strapline (why do we even have a strapline?) from Surprise Yourself to Girls In The Lead.

Us Guiders are now supposed to be known as Leaders as well. So if the girls are in the lead, and we are leaders not guiders, who is following?

We try very hard to let the girls steer the programme, underlaid with our background knowledge of what they ought to be achieving and of new challenges that have come out.

We started this term with the Designer badge because we had a bit of spare cash and wanted to use it on tangible lasting things like a new bag for each Brownie (decorated by them) and a badge for the unit to go on the back of their neckers. The rest of the term was determined by the girls but it was us Guiders who picked Designer badge.

Last week went really well, they produced beautifully-decorated bags and really enjoyed the quiz about designers because they had to track down the facts as a six.

This week we were meant to design the unit badge and design a book cover. I talked through the badge thing, and they all seemed excited, but when it came down to it, we had a lot of practice badges that just consisted of a random animal drawn hastily, and a lot of giggling instead.

It took so long to get even that, that I gave up on the book and sent the prepared sheets home with them and told them it was up to them if they did it (not bitterly or anything, I stayed upbeat!)

Then we played a game for the last 25 minutes which went down way better because they chose it!

It may have not just have been because it was our choice, it may have been because the weather was foul all week and most of them had had no playing outside so all they really wanted to do was play. And we did get 6 or 7 well thought out designs, mostly from the older girls but a couple from 7 year olds.

I'm feeling a bit flat after a not so successful meeting last night- but we're going to bounce right back next week with tae kwon do!


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