Monday, 29 September 2008

We blitzed em!

The Brownie Badge Blitz Day went brilliantly - so much so we are now thinking about other badges we could do in the same way.

As they arrived, we got them to design their own clown make-up for the Circus badge.

A Crime Support Officer came and talked to the girls about all but 2 of the Crime Prevention clauses. He was great, really engaged them, then we let him escape and we did short plays about what they learned then they finished off with posters about protecting property. There was a break with juice and biccies too.

Then lunch and Number Fun - they moved round 5 different options plus ate their packed lunches over a 2 hour period. 12 girls did the whole badge, 5 still have one clause to do at home.

One girl worked on her Craft badge with a Guide helper at the same time as she already had Number Fun. Before they started the next badge - drink and snacks!

Then the circus skills workshop, which was great - I highly recommend Shooting Stars (we had Paul, but I've also seen Russ of the same organisation at a Guide Camp and he was fab too), expensive but worth every penny and cost-effective when you do it at an event like this rather than a normal meeting.

The girls twirled peacock feathers, juggled scarves, and used Flower Sticks (about 30 mins for each) then had half an hour free time to try out other equipment like unicycles, tiny bikes, plate-spinning, stilts etc. Plus drink and snack of course.

Then they performed for their parents who had arrived, each girl showing off at least one skill. Plus a promise ceremony, the presentation of only the third Adventure On badge in the unit and all in all it was a fantastic day. I did forget the badges for Number Fun and Crime Prevention which was annoying as I had driven 40 miles to get them on Saturday morning, but I can present them on Thursday instead.

It was kind of like an action-packed sleepover without the appalling sleep deprivation! I think we pitched it just right, the girls actually learned about the three subjects but still had heaps of variety.

Now we are trying to think of what other badges we could do this way: First Aid and Cook/Advanced Cook spring to mind, as they both need a significant period of time and access to things our normal meeting doesn't have: a First Aid trainer for one and an oven for the other!


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