Sunday, 5 October 2008

On form

When you take Brownies away for a sleepover, holiday or camp, there are lots of people who need to know about it. So with our Science Museum sleepover looming, I have now got the forms sorted.

The easy bit was printing off a G/C and a G/H form for the girls. That's a consent form where the parents get all the details of what's going on and agree to let their daughter participate, and a health form where they put in any relevant health issues we may need to know about. The Guiders need to do a health form too.

I also did an information sheet with details of what they should bring, when they should be there and directions to the train station we will be using on a different line, since our station has work going on that weekend.

The next step is an A/A form. This is to let people in Guiding know what we are up to (for Guiding insiders, there is also an A/S you can use when it is just a sleepover, but our county prefers the A/A and asks you to use it when possible as it has more detail about participants) so I had to print five copies.
  1. I keep one, this is just an extra since I'm not actually going.

  2. The Guider who has stepped into my shoes for this event signs the remaining four, keeps one and posts three on.

  3. The Division Commissioner (her "boss") gets the remaining three, signs them all and keeps one. Normally the District Commissioner does this but that's who stepped into my shoes so we have to go one up the chain.

  4. She posts the remaining two on to the Brownie Holiday Adviser for our county. This ensures she knows which Brownie unit is on holiday at which time. She signs both, keeps one and sends the final copy to the Holiday Adviser that covers the area we are going to, London North West.

  5. Finally, this adviser signs the last form and tears off the bottom piece (called an A/C) and sends it back to the beginning of the chain, to show she is aware we will be there.
I got the chain started by dropping round to the DC's house, getting her to sign all four then going to the Div Comm's house on the way to the supermarket this morning and popping the remaining three through her door.

So I think we're on schedule. Now all I have to do is give out and collect back in 14 health forms, 11 consent forms, the A/C, the 26 one day forms for Disney on Ice and the 26 one day forms for going to sing for a local old folks home.

I won't even tell you how much paper this has involved - but I did print the one day forms two to a sheet to cut back a little.


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