Sunday, 16 November 2008


I got an award today. From the Girlguiding Midlands Region Chief Commissioner, Lesley Knighton, for services to local Guiding.

In Guiding in the UK, all the Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Ranger units in a small area are gathered together into a District (we have 3 Rainbow, 4 Brownie, 3 Guide units in our district and hopefully a Ranger unit opening soon).
All the Districts in a certain area are gathered into a Division (we have 5 Districts in our division). All the Divisions within one County are gathered together under the name of that County.

Then Counties are gathered together into a Region, our Region has nine Counties in it.
So, I was one of 2 people from my District to get the award, coincidentally we were also the only 2 from our Division. There were 11 from our County though.
It was very cool, made me feel very appreciated. And very young, unusual at 37, as many of the recipients had been Guiding longer than I have been alive!
The award was a certificate, and a lovely little silver brooch of the central trefoil, above. I can wear it on my badge tab and show off!


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