Friday, 28 November 2008

Fitting it in

Anon looked at our programme for next term and asked: "How do you fit everything in for badges in such short time?!? Brownie skills in two nights, right to be heard in one night and brownie traditions in one night? We don't get through anywhere near as many badges as your unit seems to - more like one per half term, or even per term. As it takes a few weeks to fit it all in."

We fit it in because we don't do the whole badge, so a girl only completes the badge if she wants to.

Brownie Skills for example, we'll do two clauses one night, two clauses the next then if the girls want to finish the badge, they have to do another clause at home and bring the proof.

Brownie Traditions we are actually doing over two nights, one before half term and one after. There are 5 different things to do for that, so again we'll do two one night, two another and have them do one at home if they want to finish it, probably the scrapbook clause.

Right to Be Heard - whenever I do a Rights badge, they always have to go the extra mile before I'll award it. We've actually done this one before, just over three years ago when it first came out. We spend half the night on an Ignite Minds activity, then the other half on Encourage Thought and Discovery. Then they are set a challenge for Take Action and Make a Difference. With Right to Be Heard last time, that was to write to their MP about an issue that mattered to them (we supplied them with his address and pre-warned him!) and they were only awarded the badge on bringing in their reply from him.

The only activity we have planned for next term that I think we have under-estimated the time for is Changing the World, I suspect we will need 3 or 4 nights for that, so we have deliberately scheduled a Sports Night so it can be easily bumped and we can go into the next term if necessary.

Hope that helps!


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