Saturday, 22 November 2008


Remember I was planning a Brownie holiday with another pack next Easter?

Looks appealing, right?

We have three that want to go. One is my daughter. One is Notsonewbie Guider's daughter. And one is another Brownie whose dad used to help us. And that's it. We could have taken 10 girls but only 3 want to go.

It's the first time I have ever proposed a trip or weekend away and not been inundated with girls wanting to go.

Why so few? Simple answer - school.

The Year 5 residential in May is nearly £300 for four nights. So my daughter's not going, and about half the class aren't going either.

That's why I found the weekend away with the Lancashire Brownies in Wales for the Easter Weekend, £60 for three nights, 10 places. After sending out the letter, I discovered the school has decided they will also do a Year 4 residential for the first time.

Three weeks after the Brownie one. Two nights, £160.

The vast majority of our Brownies are Year 4 at the school and the parents are sending them there despite it being £100 more and one night less, because the girls want to be with their class.

So I feel like the school has hit me twice - once by making my daughter's residential so expensive we cannot justify her going and twice by luring my Brownies away from my replacement idea.

The Lancashire Brownies have replied to my email filling them in by saying they still want us, but I wouldn't blame them if they tried to find a unit that could supply more girls. We'll have to see how it pans out.



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