Thursday, 27 November 2008

Jelly babies rule!

I just did a jelly baby evening tonight with my girls, it was great fun!

It was invented by a really smart Guider who came up with info about when they were invented (1919, and they were called Peace Babies which also gets the girls talking about war, and rationing because they stopped making them from 1939 till 1953 when sweet rationing stopped and they were renamed Jelly Babies then), a packaging information quiz, design a new jelly baby, a word game using the letters in JELLY BABIES, an activity game doing jelly baby type actions and a game where you build the tallest tower you can with jelly babies and cocktail sticks.
It really was excellent team-building without the girls realising that's what they were doing!

  • The difference in heights of the towers ranged from 44cm down to a hasty 8cm after a tower collapsed!

  • The team who kept spelling their words backwards because they worked it out facing away from everyone else then spun round meaning BALL became LLAB etc.

  • Brownies hurtling themselves to the floor for Baby nap time

  • The new Jelly Babies as designed by the girls, particularly B-Active, a star-jumping jelly baby, and Baby Snow, a minty flavoured snowman jelly baby.

A great evening - and so low cost, there were 4 bags of Jelly Babies bought BOGOF from Tesco and a large box as well to let them each have a few to take home (also one Guider made some shortbread for the 2 vegetarians since there's gelatin in jelly babies), some printing out of letters and that was it.

Our district commissioner was visiting and she took the print out and bags of letters away so she could do it with her own unit!


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