Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Planning and plotting

My letter going out to parents at the next Brownie meeting - so, would you send your daughter?

XX Brownies first ever pack holiday and it’s in another country! Ok it’s Wales but that’s practically abroad!

Our Brownies have been given the chance to join a unit of Lancashire Brownies at a pack holiday venue in Wales, over XX weekend.

The four day, three night holiday will run from Friday XX to Monday XX and will cost £60 for accommodation, travel, food and activities.

We will be travelling in two Guider cars so can take a maximum of 10 girls on the adventure.

The holiday is open to any girl who has been on at least a sleepover with Brownies already and has behaved herself satisfactorily. If more than 10 apply, priority will be in descending order of age.

Please bear in mind that we will be more than three hours from home, so girls must feel comfortable being away. They will also be expected to help cook and keep their dorm tidy.

Depending on our own family commitments, we may run something small scale and locally during the summer term, but otherwise this is our big Brownie residential event between now and autumn 2009, as there doesn’t appear to be a county camp next summer.
We’ve never done an old-fashioned proper pack holiday so we’re quite excited!

If you wish to put your daughter’s name down for the holiday, please return the slip below on November 20th with a deposit of £20 (note who the cheque should be payable to).
If she does not make the list of 10 girls, the cheque will be returned without being cashed. The deposit is not otherwise returnable as we have to pay the Lancashire Brownies for our places now.
The next £20 will be due at our first meeting in January 2009 and the last £20 at our first meeting in March 2009.


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