Monday, 24 November 2008

Specifically scientific

The Brownies had their sleepover at the Science Museum in London this weekend.

They had a fantastic time - experiments and fun and all sorts, a small amount of sleeping (not down to them, down to another Brownie pack nearby who eventually got shouted at by Notsonewbie Guider), an IMAX film and then home on the train.

The girls sang happy birthday to my daughter as well, even though it was the day before.

She had a blast - and I'm thrilled she's had at least one Guiding experience without me!

While the Brownies were in London, I was in Birmingham. Watching the fantastic Mr Leonard Cohen. Words can't express how amazing he was - and including a break, he performed for over three hours! Well worth missing the Science Museum for - plus I got to sleep in my own comfortable, warm, bed!


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