Sunday, 30 November 2008

Where's Wally, and Jelly babies

I was correctly identified as being in the back row of the picture, well done J!

And I have permission to publish the whole of the Jelly Baby Evening from the very talented Smartie, the Guider who created it.

Jelly Babies Evening (you need loads of Jelly Babies, cocktail sticks, paper and pens, 11 cards with JELLYBABIES in separate letters for each group, a ruler to measure the towers)

Begin by asking the girls how old they think jelly babies are. Tell them original name was peace babies, and were produced at the end of WWI. See if any of the girls know when that is. Had to stop during the Second World War – ask them why that might be. Explain a little about rationing and how it affected everyone. Reborn as Jelly Babies in 1953 (explain rationing didn’t stop as soon as war was over).
How many jelly babies do they think are made in a year? Answer is – Over 1 billion!!

Jelly Babies Packaging Quiz
Sit in Sixes. Bags of jelly babies are in centre of room. Read out questions, have to take it in turns to go and find out the answer – only one can go to the middle at a time.

  1. How many grams of jelly babies are in the packet?

  2. What colour are the words ‘jelly babies’ on the front of the packet?

  3. How many different baby shapes are there?

  4. What is the best before date on the jelly babies?

  5. What are the last 4 digits of the bar code?

  6. How many calories per 100g?

  7. Name three ingredients within the jelly babies

  8. What are the ‘storage instructions’?

  9. What five colours are the jelly babies on the packet?

  10. Who are they ‘specially made for’? (Half-Baked Guider note - We couldn't find the answer to this on the bags or box of Jelly Babies)

Design your own jelly baby
In sixes, you have been summoned by the Sweetie Company who wants to make a new jelly baby! In your groups you must design how this jelly baby is going to look, and what flavour it will be. Make sure you give it a name too! (All the different colours have different names! – Brilliant, Bubbles, Boofuls, Bigheart, Bumper and Bonny) Make sure you give them a personality too!! You have a short time to design this Jelly baby, and then you must present it to everyone else!

Jelly Babies are Active Game!
Jelly Babies love to have fun! They Like Skateboarding, Play in the Jelly Baby Band, and because they are babies they have to have lots of naps!
Girls run around. Leaders shout one of these messages and girls do appropriate action. Last one left wins, as slowest is out – or if they do the wrong action they are also out!
Skateboarding – Stand on one leg, pretend to be skateboarding!
Band Practise – play air guitar!
Nap time – Lie on floor
Hungry belly – sit on floor and pretend to feed yourself!
Playtime in 2/3/4’s – have to get together in groups of number called out.

Jelly Babies Spelling out Quiz
Each six is given a set of card pieces, each card containing one letter, so they have the set J, E, L, L, Y, B, A, B, I, E, S. Read out statement, and girls have to stand up and spell out the answer (give further clues if necessary)

  1. Something wobbly to eat with ice cream – JELLY

  2. What you tell when you aren’t being truthful – LIES

  3. Something you need to play tennis or footie with - BALL

  4. Where you may go if you break the law – JAIL

  5. Something that rings – BELL

  6. When shops sell things cheaper – SALE

  7. What you have on the inside of your clothes, tells you washing instructions and stuff – LABEL

  8. A loud shout – YELL

  9. If it isn’t difficult then it is – EASY

  10. Another word for a beach or sandy cove – BAY

  11. Part of your body where you have a button – BELLY

  12. Part of a boat – SAIL

  13. What hay is grouped together to make – BALE

  14. Stripy insect that makes honey – BEE

  15. A very young child – BABY

Jelly Babies Tower
Each six is given some jelly babies and some cocktail sticks and they need to see how tall a tower they can make! (make sure to explain how to be safe with cocktail sticks)

Finally…. Eat some Jelly Babies


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