Sunday, 18 January 2009

Going nowhere

Alison and Jen asked if I will be staying on as a Brownie leader now that daughter has joined Guides.

Simple answer: yes. I know in Canada and the US, a leader typically moves up with her girls through the sections.

In the UK, you tend to pick a section to lead and if it works, you stick with it. I picked Brownies when we set up, we had 5 of us and our daughters ranged from 6 to 12 so it made sense to set up a Brownie (7-10) and Guide (10-14) unit, since my daughter was the 6 year old I had a vested interest in ensuring the Brownie unit was successful so that she would at least get three years of Brownies.

I think Brownies is my natural level: Rainbows (=Sparks/Daisies) seem very small and need to be taken to the toilet all the time, Guides are full of attitude. Brownies can both go to the loo on their own and do what you ask much of the time.

Fortunately there are plenty of Rainbow leaders who revel in helping their girls have a fun, happy time and plenty of Guide leaders who love the independence of Guides and their growth into well-reasoned young women - well not plenty, if anyone wants to become a Guider then go for it, there are 50,000 girls wanting to join who don't have a unit to go to.

So I'm going to stick with Brownies, for now. Two things would/will make me stop:
  1. If daughter's Guide unit was struggling and needed another leader. I couldn't see my own daughter lose out in Guiding, so I'd have to step up, and that would mean at the very least stepping back to be an assistant at Brownies but more likely stopping doing Brownies.
  2. Moving house. If we move, I will probably get involved in Guiding again as I find it very fulfilling personally to offer this activity, but whether I went into Brownies or Guides would depend again on whether daughter needed me as a leader or not.


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