Friday, 16 January 2009


Brownies was great though, following on from last week when they planned a healthy lunch and learned to address envelopes, last night they packed a weekend bag (surprising how many of them didn't put knickers in!), drew a map from their house to school and best of all, learned how to sew on a button - this took a long time and much concentrating but we had all 23 doing it by the end of the night.

A slightly sad week for me next week. Daughter will be leaving Brownies to go to Guides. She's visiting a Guide unit tonight and as long as she likes it, her next week at Brownies will be her last. It's come as a bit of a surprise, she didn't want to go to Guides in the summer and had planned to stay on at Brownies until next June.

But just before Christmas she changed her mind and, along with 2 or 3 other girls from her class (one from our Brownie unit, one definitely from another and one possible from the other unit) she is visiting a Guide unit in town - it appears her objection was more going to the Guide unit that follows ours than Guides itself. I can't work out why, unless she wants to get away from being a leader's daughter?

Which is fine, but it does mean that instead of being able to walk round and collect her at 8.30 on a Thursday, I will have to drive into town at 9.15 on a Friday...there goes a relaxing beer on a Friday night! Actually, with 3 or 4 of them going together, we're going to organise a carshare so I should be able to have a drink 2 weeks out of 3 at least!

She won't be giving up on Brownies completely, she's going to Build a Bear later this month and pack holiday at Easter, as these are already booked. I'm thrilled she wants to continue in Guiding, just sad it's been so sudden, I thought I'd have time to adjust to going to Brownies without her.

Now out of the 5 people that regularly help at our Brownies, only one will have a Brownie daughter. Quite a change from all 5 having daughters in the pack, as was the situation initially.


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