Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Yesterday I came up with the new sixers and seconds for the new term. (We split the 24 girls into four sixes.Then each six has a sixer - in charge of the six. And a second, who is her second in command.) Three of our sixers are 10 now and ready to go to Guides, they will hopefully be going at Easter but in the meantime to give other girls a chance to be sixers, they are going to step aside. So 3 new sixers to replace them, that was easy, I just upgraded all the girls who were the seconds in those sixes.

Three new seconds to replace them was harder. One was easy, but involved moving sixes so I had to move someone back to replace her. One was quite pleasing, a girl who transferred in and won't be expecting it, so it will be good to see her face. The third was the hardest, there are about 5 girls who have been Brownie about the same length of time and are roughly the same age. I picked the oldest as I had no other grounds to determine the choice.

I also made up an attendance chart for the term and a chart with all names on to tick off when they've paid their subs tomorrow night. Haven't printed them off though, the downside of always working on my laptop is that I have to email documents to myself to open them up on the main PC to print.


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