Friday, 30 January 2009

Pyjama party

So last night at Brownies we finished off the Brownie Skills badge with a picnic. The girls each brought a healthy packed lunch for their dinner - amazingly only one girl forgot!

It was a teddy bears picnic, so they all brought a bear, most of them brought the one they made at Build a Bear.

All but one came in their pyjamas, the one was the oldest girl who declared she was in Year Six so was not going to wear her pyjamas, but she joined in with everything else, and it was optional to wear them anyway.

So, we looked through the lunches and talked about what was healthy, what was not, and how pretty much anything was fine in moderation. Then we let them eat...they were hungry! Then a pin the bow on the bear game, some sweeties to dole out and then they played a game with our two Guides that involved making furniture shapes, in their sixes, for points.

I gave out Brownie Skills badges to those who had completed the badge, made it clear to the one who didn't all she had to do, Chinese New Year badges for everyone,  and a Build a Buddy badge for the girls who went to Build a Bear.

Great success, they all bounced in and they all bounced out again!


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