Friday, 9 January 2009

Smiley Happy People

If I ever doubted Brownies were worthwhile, last night proved they are.

Sometimes I wonder what's so great about it in comparison to any other club the girls could do. Then I remember it's a place for girls to learn new skills without the distraction of boys (though I concede that is more of an issue as they get older), acquire knowledge in a fun setting, work in different teams sometimes not of their own choosing (now there's a life skill we all need!) and take on early leadership roles to develop compassion and understanding. All wrapped up in giggling, badges, creativity and running about.

So what made it so worthwhile last night?

We've started the Brownie Skills badge with them. They each planned a healthy lunch, and in 3 weeks time they will bring their planned lunch with them for a teddy bears' picnic. And they also learned to address an envelope, complete with return address. It's possibly surprising how few of them knew how to do this - but then again, why would a 7-10 year old have done this? Still, that's another practical skill learned for the future.

And then the icing on the cake, I appointed the 3 new Sixers and 3 new Seconds. The beaming grins on their faces showed just how much they valued this, and the other girls gave them a round of applause so they did too.

Made me feel warm all over!

Next week, more Brownie Skills - including sewing on a button and tying knots!


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