Thursday, 5 February 2009


I'm doing some research for Brownies, for the Right to Be Heard badge, one of a series based on the UN Rights of the Child.

Was pretty proud to discover that 20% of MPs in Britain are women, yes it should be 50% but with 128 female MPs, we're getting there. We're just ahead of the US, I read that 17 of the 100 senators are women, and just behind Canada, with 22% of MPs - when their Parliament isn't being randomly dissolved!

Mind you Australia has 30%, and we are way behind Scandinavia: women constitute 40 per cent of the members of parliament in Sweden, 34 per cent in Finland, 38 per cent in Norway, 34 per cent in Denmark and 25 per cent in Iceland. I was reading many of those countries have quotas. I wonder what the Brownies will think of quotas...I'll have to explain what quotas are first I think!
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