Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Get set for summer

We've planned the summer term at Brownies. We had a meeting on Monday night...50% planning, and after that 50% wine!
We will be doing the following badges: AgilityOut and About and Seasons. We'll also be doing the Time Travel badge.
As part of that, we will be:
  • learning to read maps
  • walking around the area
  • learning to use a compass
  • learning Semaphore
  • planting butterfly-attracting plants
  • painting plant pots and water dishes for birds
  • going bowling...among other things.

We'll also be having a sleepover, and going to a local campsite with a kitchen to cook a two course meal and biscuits to take home.

We'll wrap up the (school) year by having a joint campfire with our Guide unit (as we do every year).

Sound like fun?


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