Saturday, 21 March 2009

Spy update

Some great suggestions for spy food, thanks everyone! Had some great ones on Facebook too, the favourite being Casino Royale with Cheese from daughter's godfather.

At the moment I am thinking Apple Spies (I can buy the individual Mr Kipling ones), anagram scramble biscuits and one other thing.

Any more suggestions, here or on Facebook, warmly received!

Current plan is:
  1. Secret six signs (each six comes up with a secret sign they have to keep using to each other throughout the evening)
  2. Disguise - dress up in the secret agent clothes you brought
  3. Sneaking about - girls in a circle, keys in front of the blindfolded one, 2 Brownies try to sneak up and grab the keys
  4. Then each of these, moving round 3 tables after 10 mins each time: code cracking, writing with lemon juice, writing with wax
  5. Food
  6. Another game (not sure what yet, but I have a few ideas, it's just what is practical to organise)
  7. Find out if each six spotted the other sixes' signs
  8. Say goodbye to the 2 Brownies leaving us to go to Guides
  9. Hand out summer term plan (we're meeting on Monday night to work out the details)


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