Sunday, 1 March 2009


We had selection for the Guiding swimming gala this afternoon; the Rainbows swam for an hour, then the Brownies for an hour, then the Guides.

First, a Rainbow nearly drowned and her dad had to batter on the glass of the viewing gallery to get the lifeguard's attention. She was fine afterwards, but she had been going under and didn't have the strength to get herself to the side.
Then when the Brownies started, one girl cut her toe. This was treated and she swam on.
Then a Guide turned up 30 mins early, slipped on the side of the pool and spent the rest of the time sobbing in a heap on the side of the pool with the lifeguard and her mum beside her, meaning we had to watch the girls in the pool. She eventually went to hospital with her mum, I have to confess I didn't pay her much attention as we had to watch the Brownies.
Then the same Brownie cut a different toe on the same foot on the way out!

On top of that, and much less important, we originally had 9 girls competing for 8 places in the swimming gala:
One didn't bother to show up or call (saw her playing out when I drove back)
Two didn't want to compete
One's mum realised they were away that day
So I selected the remaining 5 for a race each and the three fastest for the relay.
And have just had a text from the mum of one of the 5 saying they are on holiday that day so she has to pull out.


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