Friday, 27 March 2009

They came, they spied

Spy Night was a big hit!

All but two remembered to bring disguises. They came up with a secret sign for each six that they used throughout the night then they spent ten minutes each on the following tables:
  • Food - Nice biscuits, with writing pen icing and tiny little letters, they wrote in code on each
  • Fingerprints - They took their own fingerprints using an ink pad, then drew on them to turn them into animals etc
  • Code - I taught them Pigpen code and they wrote messages then tried to decipher each others messages...3 of the groups grasped this, one group just tried to draw random grids that made no sense, I spent the whole ten minutes saying your grid HAS to look like mine, usually I'll let girls find their own level but you can't draw a 40 square grid then expect it to make sense when you try to do the Pigpen code!
  • Secret writing - writing with lemon juice and wax candles.

Then they ate their biscuits and some sausage rolls one of the Guiders had made and had a drink.

There was just time to give out the Changing the World badges, the summer term calendars and say goodbye to the two girls leaving to go to Guides, plus our district commissioner came to give one of the Guiders her leadership qualification badge.

The two Brownies who were leaving gave us a card and some chocolates, and one gave us a bottle of wine too! They also had sweets and a muffin cake for each girl as she left. So the girls left in disguise, clutching codes, candles, badges and cakes!


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