Wednesday, 29 April 2009

How cool!

My daughter is a 4th generation Guiding member - my Granny was a Guide in the 1930s, my mum in the 1950s, and I was a Brownie and Guide in the 1980s.

But here's a girl who can top that, she's a great-great-granddaughter of Lord Baden Powell himself, founder of Scouting and Guiding.

100 years after he founded the movement, his great-great-granddaughter is the latest member...I love that!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Going out and coming in

An hour before our first meeting of the term, one of my Brownies decided to leave! She is also very active in pony club, and because there are more pony events in the summer term, she and her mum had checked the calendar and she was only going to make 3 out of our 10 weeks this term. Since she was planning to leave in the summer anyway, she decided to finish tonight instead.

That works out quite well - I had 4 girls wanting to start in September and only 3 places, so it does mean I will be able to take all 4 in. But I will miss her, she's one of those girls who you really notice at events and meetings and know she's enjoying herself. I always knew she was not going to go to Guides because of pony club, but I had hoped she'd manage to get 3 full years at Brownies.

So last night 2 of the Guiders led the Agility badge, 1 looked after my son for most of the evening since my husband hadn't been able to get home and take him, 1 took all the subs and worked out who is still to pay, and I dealt with all the new registration forms for 5 girls, cookout forms for nearly every girl (we're going to a local campsite and they are going to cook their own lunch) and sleepover slips for 11 girls.

It was a busy evening! I did forget one thing, they were all meant to go home with a Lend a Hand sheet and do 7 good turns during the week...they'll just have to do that next week!

We also promoted 2 girls to Sixers, 2 girls to Seconds and gave out 3 earned badges - Brownie Holiday and Home Skills for one girl who came to Wales, and Booklover for one who worked on it at home.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

She said what?

My top three funny statements from Brownie pack holiday:

  1. Upon climbing up some very steep steps on a walk and reaching the top, one of the tiniest Brownies said: "It stinks of ladybirds up here."
  2. Upon being told to make up her own roll for a packed lunch, one of the Brownies: "Can you cut the crusts off? My mum always does." It's a roll! If we cut off the crusts you'll be left with a square centimetre of bread.
  3. One of the Guides, upon learning that I was not just a Brownie leader but also Daughter's mother: "But you're Scottish, and she's posh!" Daughter was referred to as Queen for the rest of the camp.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Easter in Wales

Went on my very first proper old-school Brownie pack holiday this Easter, from Friday to Monday, in Wales - 4 hours away.

We were invited by a pack in Lancashire, and together with a pack from Scotland, there were 20 Brownies, 4 Guides (including my daughter) and 7 leaders - I know 7 seems a lot but we all seemed to be busy all the time!

We went for a lovely walk to a waterfall, saw loads of lambs (some so new they still had umbilical cords!), watched a movie...lots of good stuff.

It did make me realise how privileged our girls are, there were girls there who had toilet trouble after 24 hours - they had eaten fruit and veg for the first time since their pack holiday the year before and it had gone straight through them! There was a girl with special needs, a girl with some worrying food issues - "I am a vegan and I know that jelly says vegan but my mum says companies lie all the time and hurt the animals so I'd better not eat" - and another whose dad was murdered five weeks before.

Two girls wet the bed on the second night too, so it was all quite eventful. But I loved the area, and taking part in a real old-fashioned pack hol was great. Daughter relished the extra freedom the Guides were given over the Brownies, staying up later, leading on tasks and so on.

We went back a different way, we'd travelled mostly on motorways on the way up but tried a more country route on the way back and it was just beautiful. We even ate our packed lunches at a table on the banks of a river and had the most fabulous ice cream before getting back in the car.

If North Wales could always be that sunny, I'd totally holiday there!

Sunday, 5 April 2009


We had our Guiding swimming gala last night - my Brownies came third, despite only having 4 swimmers so we had to forfeit two races. I was very proud of them. There were a few wrong calls from the judges though - I didn't argue about the girl who was told she was third when she was really second (and we were sure she was) but I did argue about the girl who was first by a length and was told she was fourth! It was so obvious that I thought, oh, she must have done an illegal stroke, or not touched with both hands or something. No, they just mixed up first and fourth!

Our Rainbows came second, as did our Guides, and my daughter's Guides came third. It was a long evening for me and daughter, most Guides didn't turn up till 7 but she had to come with me so we were there for the whole thing, from 5.15.
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