Sunday, 5 April 2009


We had our Guiding swimming gala last night - my Brownies came third, despite only having 4 swimmers so we had to forfeit two races. I was very proud of them. There were a few wrong calls from the judges though - I didn't argue about the girl who was told she was third when she was really second (and we were sure she was) but I did argue about the girl who was first by a length and was told she was fourth! It was so obvious that I thought, oh, she must have done an illegal stroke, or not touched with both hands or something. No, they just mixed up first and fourth!

Our Rainbows came second, as did our Guides, and my daughter's Guides came third. It was a long evening for me and daughter, most Guides didn't turn up till 7 but she had to come with me so we were there for the whole thing, from 5.15.


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