Sunday, 19 April 2009

She said what?

My top three funny statements from Brownie pack holiday:

  1. Upon climbing up some very steep steps on a walk and reaching the top, one of the tiniest Brownies said: "It stinks of ladybirds up here."
  2. Upon being told to make up her own roll for a packed lunch, one of the Brownies: "Can you cut the crusts off? My mum always does." It's a roll! If we cut off the crusts you'll be left with a square centimetre of bread.
  3. One of the Guides, upon learning that I was not just a Brownie leader but also Daughter's mother: "But you're Scottish, and she's posh!" Daughter was referred to as Queen for the rest of the camp.


Kelloggsville said...

I'm off out to find a ladybird - I had no idea they smelt so bad - maybe it's just the Welsh ones!!!!

TopChamp said...

Ha ha - scottish... can't be posh.

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