Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Chief Guide

The Scouts have a new Chief Scout, Bear Grylls. He'll take over from current Chief Scout Peter Duncan in July - who I got to meet briefly in February last year.

I know we are a celebrity-obsessed culture, but I have seen how having a well-known Chief Scout has helped to boost the Scouting profile over the last few years, and I am sure Grylls will do an even better job. So I'd love to see Guides do the same to boost our profile during our Centenary.

A few sportswomen spring to mind: Denise Lewis, Kelly Holmes and Tanni Grey Thompson would all be great and very inspirational figures. Despite Scouts choosing a former Blue Peter presenter last time, I'd rather we didn't do that - Anthea Turner is over-exposed, Konnie Huq and Zoe Salmon keep taking their clothes off and talking about how clever they are...ooh, Diane Louise-Jordan maybe?

It should be someone who can get a message across, and is adventurous, to show just how much fun Guiding can be, and how we really are not sitting around doing timid things every week while the Scouts have fun outside. We're out there: camping, cooking, abseiling, raising hundreds of pounds for charity, meeting famous authors...and that's just my unit! 


Kelloggsville said...

but the men have always had to shout about their success, quietly the Guide Associationis actually doing rather well for itself. Particularly with membership but I can see what you mean. What was the name of the lovely lady that sailed roun dthe world alone - Ellen MacArther? how about her - there must be loads more suggestions - is Anneka Rice too old?! - nope that's just my age showing that I remember her!

Anonymous said...

Ellen MacArthur was a favourite to be Chief Scout in some circles, but I do think Bear will do a great job. He also has 3 young children all of whom will reach Scouting age during his term. As well as Bear, Wayne Bulpitt is the new UK Chief Commissioner so they will work together.

Some felt that having a celeb. (ie Peter Duncan) was the wrong way to go but it has worked and has engaged the young people and Bear Grylls will do that as well.

FWIW I think Diane Louise Jordan shows many great qualities and would be a great role model for girls and since my hubbie used to know Tanni Grey can only say the same about her.


P.S Scouting is not just run by men and many of the women are "Very excited" that such a young fit and adventurous man will be part of the association (said with tongue in cheek because I have a foot in both camps. I am an ex Rainbow Guider who has a Guide as a daughter and two Scout sons and is married to a Scouter. I like to think BP would be approve ;-) and I always big up the Guides at Scouts - well actually in our Districts we do a lot of stuff together anyway.)

Kelloggsville said...

Sorry - to use your blog as a forum Strictly but can I repond to J?

I'm sorry, I always forget the women in Scouting. You are, of course, very right and your involvement in it all sounds fantastic. Actually I quite envy you having a Scouter Hubby - I rather like the men in uniform so yes Bear in uniform is a double bonus ;) and I am confident he will do a great job.

Strictly said...

Sarah, have told J about your comment - and I am happy to have people talk to each other on here, especially about Guiding or Scouting!

As someone who did her Guiding Service Flash by helping at one of the first ever Beaver colonies, whose brothers were Cubs and Scouts and whose Grandpa was very high up in Scottish Scouting, I love Scouts too! But not a Scouter, my hubby didn't even enjoy Cubs so he's not involved.

Anonymous said...

Glad we agree Sarah esp. on the men in uniform bit!

Jen, Bear Grylls has stated that one of his aims is to get more adults involved in Scouting and so you never know, he may just be the person to inspire your husband to take part, but then I guess if Cheeky joins Scouting you would be more than happy to go with him on the Parent and child activities, plenty of mums do (esp those who have been involved in Guiding) LOL!


Strictly said...

Cheeky's name is down for Beavers so hopefully he will start in September.

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