Friday, 15 May 2009

Never was there a tale of more woe...

Than me...and my Friday-o.

Went into town to get 2 Brownie promise badges - our 5 newbies are ready and want to take their promise next week and I discovered this morning I only had 3 badges.

Local depot didn't have any! Pretty basic thing to have, I think, it's not like I wanted a size 29 hoodie or anything.

Picked up some shopping and drove home, put the shopping away and my car's fan was still going. Left it a bit, but 30 mins later it was still going. Tried turning the car on and off, the air con on and off, even went for a little drive round to drop off some letters but no.

So I drove to my favourite car repair place but they reckoned it was electrics so they sent me into town again to the sole electrics place nearby. Who were swamped with work so the best they could do was disconnect the fan so the battery won't go flat, they can't even look at it till tomorrow and if a part is needed that they don't have, it'll be Monday.

I can't even drive to the other nearest Guiding shops to get the badges as both of the other ones in the county are open Sat morning and there's no way we can manage that and the sports the kids need to be taken to which usually takes me and husband in two cars but can just be done in one if we swap over fast! So I tried calling the national Guiding store to ask if they could get 2 badges to me by Thursday and they said no chance, it's 14 days dispatch just now!

My final attempt was to call one of the other Guiding shops to leave a message to ask if they could send 2 out - I was lucky enough to catch someone in even though the shop was not open and she's going to send them out to me, what a superstar.

That just leaves the car - fingers crossed I get it back tomorrow even if late on, as otherwise I will need to ask for Monday off and go in on Friday instead as I can't get there without a car.

Update - car needs a whole motor-fan thing, part won't be in till at least Monday. :-(


alison said...

Cheer up, Juliet. I'm sure things will work out. You've used your allotment of bad luck for the entire month in one day. But you're right, the local Guide shop should have had them in stock. Fingers crossed that you get the car back on Monday.

Kelloggsville said...

things can only get better! I know we have borrowed promise badges from other brownies before so the shop running out isn't uncommon, good tenacity on your part to get some, well done x

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the car, hope it's fixed soon.

TopChamp said...

How good are you!??!! I'd have given up at the 2nd hurdle with the badges. Sorry about the car!

Strictly said...

TopChamp - any other type of badge and I would have given up, but the thought of telling the girls they couldn't take their promise till after half term made me keep trying!

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