Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Political leader joins the Brownies

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg visited some Sheffield Brownies last weekend.

Somehow, I can see David Cameron doing this too, but I can't see Gordon Brown doing it!

Slight niggles with the article, I wonder if the person who wrote it even went to the photo op, or if they just had to write it from the picture.

You don't sleep in dorms because it's too wet for camping, you either book camping or the dorms, if you book camping and it's too wet, you'd be flippin lucky for the dorms to be free, or on most campsites, for there to even be dorms.

And it says the girls were earning more badges to stitch on their sleeves - while my Brownie unit do put their badges on their sleeves, it's clear from the picture that those ones must have gilets or more likely sashes because none of them have badges on their sleeves in the picture.  I think the writer was thinking of the days the Brownies wore brown long-sleeved dresses.

I did tell you they were slight niggles!

Lucky Brownies though - that looks like a great weekend away!


TopChamp said...

Maggie Thatcher went out to visit my sister's Brownie pack when they were camping... she shook her hand. My parents were SO mad!!

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