Saturday, 2 May 2009

Time travel

My Brownies are doing the Centenary Time Travel Challenge, created by a group of Northern Irish Guiders to help pay for a pack holiday in London.

So that end, so far we have:
  • Lent a Hand in 7 different ways
  • Learned about and coloured in the Union Flag
  • Learned and sang the National Anthem - this may shock foreigners, particularly Americans who are always pledging allegiance to their flag, but NONE of the girls knew it, it is so rarely used here.
  • Done Brownie Exercises from the 50s, very amusing, lots of bracing positions and fixing your smile.
We have still to:
  • Learn Semaphore - which I am particularly excited about it as I learned this as a Brownie
  • and if there's time, do compass activities.
And the 5 new girls are settling in well, 3 already know their promise, and they are fitting in very easily.


Kelloggsville said...

We are also doing it this term. We've done the flag colouring (remember the template!), exercise and we are onto Freda LAH now :0) Good fun isn't it. I'm looking forward to the Heritage Zone at the Launch at Belvoir too.

Sounds like all is going well, well done

Kelloggsville said...

ps - cool certificate too - good idea


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Bracing positions?

alison said...

I'm with Jen -- are the bracing positions for possible airline crashes?

Strictly said...

For non-Brits: bracing is lots of chin up, good posture is terribly terribly good for oneself sort of thing.

Google Joyce Grenfell if you need more of an idea.

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