Friday, 12 June 2009

Gone campin

I've dropped daughter at her first Guide camp. She staggered off under the weight of her rucksack with all kinds of things hanging off the side - small lantern, welly boots, thermal cup.

More experienced campers - how do you get everything compact enough? She has another camp in August for a week and she will have to cart her stuff quite a distance that time. I can see she won't need many more clothes, but if I put her wellies in her rucksack there would be no room for everything else. Should her bedding roll attach to the rucksack or be separate? If I can't fix her sleeping mat (it's one of those self-inflating ones, better than a foam mat but not as much hassle as one you have to pump up) to her rucksack, is it better to forget about it?


smalltownmom said...

I hope she has a great time!

Saffy said...

Wellie legs can go one inside the other (a foot sticking out at each end), then they can't get wet inside so you don't need to put them in the bag - just loop them through some straps at the end.

I carry my bedding roll separately so I don't over balance (I'm shorter than most of my Guides) and I've always told my Guides to do this as they're lovely lightweight things that could in theory be thrown along a chain of super-organised girls. My self-inflating mat has it's own compact pack bag so I tend to carry it that way and affix it to my rucksack as a sleeping bag would, but I have also sealed it with as little air in as possible and then just rolled it into my bedding roll.

Those compression bags work quite nicely for towels and other silly things that conspire to steal all your space.

Kelloggsville said...

Have you seen this site
I reckon there are a few Guiders on there with helpful advice, although Tawny will be through shortly - I bet she'll have some ideas too. I'm going to be taking notes. And thanks for the advice so far Sally.

Strictly said...

:-) Been a member there for a couple of years.

TopChamp said...

I put my roll mat thing in the straps under the rucksack. About to start thinking about how to pack for hols in a week or so - were going to do a fortnight without the car walking and camping but folks retirement do is bang in the middle so we're having a rethink!

Anonymous said...

Compression sacks for clothes etc, walking boots rather than wellies unless absolutely necessary, roll mat under or over rucksack ( we don't do self inflating at that age) extras can be put in a small back pack and fixed to front of rucksack and then this is useful when at camp for keeping things together during the day. We are just back from a group leaders and family camp and so hope her weather was as good as ours (The idea of our camp was the leaders got to do the activities and their children got to have fun rather than just being "dragged along" events.)

Put PJ’s and a pair of socks inside sleeping bag before rolling and stuff socks and underwear into shoes, mugs, etc for transporting. Can be re sorted at the other end. Pockets are a useful source of carrying extras as well.


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