Monday, 1 June 2009

Half-term over but still no Brownies

Just had a brilliant half-term: went to the Doctor Who exhibition at Kelvingrove, got sunburned at Loch Lomond (I know!), played with my cute little nephew and generally hung out with family. Went to the Glasgow Guide shop as well, of course! I won't run out of badges again in a hurry, I picked up 10.

School starts back today, but no Brownies this week, the school shuts again on Thursday for the European elections and rather than plan a meeting away from the school, we're having family days without the pressure of having to be back for the meeting.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

A "Doctor Who" exhibit? Really?

TopChamp said...

Ha - I am not sunburnt yet but will continue to test my tolerance.

I heard the Dr Who thing's expensive but good. Haven't been.

alison said...

I think Dr. Who exhibit would have been amazing. I've just started watching Torchwood.

Strictly said...

Alison, there was a traffic cone outside with Torchwood Staff Car on it! I loved it so much I took a picture and everyone I showed it to that watches Torchwood said: "Bloody Torchwood" just like the citizens of Cardiff do.

Josie said...

Really?? A Dr Who exhibit?? I think I need to look into moving. We have nothing nearly that cool here.

Strictly said...

Yes - move Josie! Move HERE!

Anonymous said...

I haven't made it to the Dr Who exhibition yet, but it's on the list to do soon! Was it good?

PS I have shown the coat of arms from the uni (the one on the outside of the chapel) a while ago. The coat of arms features quite a lot, as it is dotted all over the place as you know!


Strictly said...

It was good yes Jackie, definitely recommend it, try to go on a day/time with minimum number of kids in there though so you can enjoy the hands on stuff!

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