Sunday, 14 June 2009

She's back

She's back from camp. Had a great time, came back with half her stuff attached to the outside of her rucksack because she couldn't fit it all back in.

So I have noted all the tips so far...but more gratefully received before she goes to Brownsea for a week in the summer!

Also, I have been enjoying the sun and admiring my bed sheets bleaching gently on the line...only to take them in once dry and find that a bird poo-ed on one of the pillowcases!


Anonymous said...

Sooo glad she had fun and enjoyed it. We expect a full report! We seemed to have more stuff when we got back today than when we left.(Or at least it did not fit in the rucksacks that it came out of. I am never quite sure why that always happened LOL!:-)Dirty clothes must just be so much bigger than clean ones. It must be all the fun and memories they are harbouring.

As for the bird poo - why does that always happen as well?

I guess life is full of unexplained mysteries!


Strictly said...

J - I can't give a full report, all I can extract from her is that it was "fine", she didn't cry (she does tend to do that when over-tired) or miss us because she was having fun, she liked making pegs to hang her wellies upside down, and she only had eggy bread one of the two mornings.

Anonymous said...

I think the rest will come out gradually. A new phase in your life together! You are used to being there and knowing what she has done. Now you get to be mum, rather than leader, and so will get a weeks worth of tit- bits as they are gradually revealed; prolongs the excitement and joy for her and you.

Glad she got some eggy bread. That is a must on camp.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad she had a good time!

Bummer about the poo.

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