Wednesday, 10 June 2009

What do I need?

Dropping stuff in my Brownie bag for tomorrow's meeting:
  • Agility badges because I still haven't doled them out from the start of term *looks embarrassed*
  • Out and About badges for any girls that complete it this week by doing the clause they had to do at home
  • Cook badges for the girls who completed that after our cook-out
  • Time Travel badges which just arrived, loving them
  • Paint and paintbrushes for this week, making and painting birdbaths
  • A Guide hoody for a Brownie who is about to leave to go to Guides, I had a spare because I ended up with two for my daughter for complicated reasons
  • Receipts and invoices for cheques to be written and co-signed
I know there is more, I'm doing something else and will drop more in as and when I remember.


Kelloggsville said...

a drop of patience, a sprinkling of humour and a bag of energy!!!


Jen on the Edge said...

As always, I am so in awe of all that you accomplish at your typical meeting.

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