Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Can relax for the summer

Because the autumn term is planned, invites have gone out to the four newbies for September, and now there's nothing to do!

Here's the plan for the 11 week term:

Week 1: World Guiding - a few bits from the World Guiding badge, we have a Brownie troop in the US (Texas) to write to and I want to make a World Trefoil suncatcher by getting the girls to cut out the bits of the trefoil and paste yellow tissue paper in the gaps.

Weeks 2, 3, 4 and 5 - First Aid. St John Ambulance are coming to teach the girls, 1 hr for 4 weeks. They'll also be staying on and teaching the Guides for their badge afterwards.

Week 6 (last before half term) - Asthma UK, using the Changing the World syllabus, even though that will have finished by end of August. We'll teach the girls how to help someone who has an attack, and what is happening when they have one - several of our girls have inhalers so this will be very useful.

After such a serious half term, we have a fun half term to follow.

Week 7 - the two young leaders will be running a dance night.

Week 9 - Doctor Who - games plus making daleks out of swiss rolls, icing, choc buttons and matchmakers

Week 10 - Adventure 100, a first look at the syllabus for the centenary, plus some planning for what things they would like to do from January

Week 11 - Clear out the crafts - all those crafts where we bought for 24 and only 22 turned up over a five year period? We'll be setting them out, the girls can draw numbers from one to 24 and take it in turns to pick a craft and make it.

We'll also have to squeeze in a promise ceremony, probably around the Dr Who week, and leaving for 4 girls who are off to Guides in January. And we're trying to plan a weekend away, though our ideas keep getting thwarted but we'll get there!


Jen on the Edge said...

I like the way you snuck in some Dr. Who! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds great - I wasn't a Brownie when I was a girl, can I join your troop now?!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting in the Marie Curie link, I am now going to do this with my guides. I am receiving treatment for breast cancer and think that this will help them hopefully to see that I am ok and its not always terminal.

Strictly said...

Janice, great idea - hope your treatment goes well too.

TopChamp said...

Nice! I like that you plan in advance. Our planning day is 16 August which means I kind of have to plan it myself and just check nobody objects... that's assuming my assistant actually comes as she hasn't replied to my message. It is summer holiday time and she's teacher training so she's probably ignoring it for now.

I like the plan. Some of it we've done - but World Guiding is something I don't tend to do and maybe should. I like the idea with the tissue paper - sounds effective and straightforward (key words!).

Hope you're enjoying summer - it's sunny up here!

Kelloggsville said...

Are you'll going to Belvoir?

Strictly said...

Sarah - we're not going to Belvoir...I am guessing that is a Leicestershire and Rutland thing? Fill me in if not!

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